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Digital Appointments

We bring the same quality of therapy into the tips of your fingers so you can receive the care you need without interrupting your daily life.

The Revolution of Virtual Care

Technology has contributed to the widespread of accessible health care for individuals. For those who have trouble finding a medical provider in their area, they can now receive virtual health care from many providers outside their area who offer their services over digital communication. 


The advantage of telehealth is that it eliminates travel, making it especially convenient for: individuals with kids, homebodies, physically-challenged adults, and more. Alternatively, for clients who seek privacy away from their home, our therapy room and facility are available for you to use during the duration of your appointment.

Our Telehealt​h Options

man in suit talking on cell phone


Talking to a therapist has never been easier! We offer two options for telehealth: at-home and in-office*. Use your own computer or cell phone to see your therapist, or, use the projector at our office.


Step 1:

Schedule An Appointment

Reach us at your preferred method and wait for us to approve your requested appointment time.



Step 2:

Make Your Payment

We can process cards over the phone or send an invoice to your email.


Step 3:

Join the Video Call

Check your email for the link. You will prompted to download Telehealth by Simple Practice. Once finished, your can start you session with your provider!

woman with short hair using laptop


Advantages of Telehealth

Care fo​r Limited Mobility Patients

Those with a permanent disability or a temporary injury may be unable to travel,​ or, find that traveling to their appointment is too tedious.

Immedia​te Assistance

A chemical imbalance or negative experience can send an i​ndividual down a rabbit hole of thoughts and emotions. With the touch a few buttons, you can be talking to a specialist about your problem(s).

Combats Rural Barriers

Clients do not need to worry about traffic or how far the drive is. The client can talk to a therapist from the comfort of their own home or at a nearby attraction such as a park.

Exposure to Providers Worldwide

The incorporation of technology into the health field has created a new avenue to seeing patients. Patients can now search online and schedule appointments with a preferred provider outside of their area.

Dimished Wait Times

Are you tired of waiting in a room for nurse, and even longer for the doctor? Telehealth connects you directly to the provider. Some apps will even tell you how long the wait is for a specific doctor or the lobby queue. 

*Telehealth appointments default to At-Home sessions unless our staff is notified otherwise.

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