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Your Mental Health Partner

Each member of our staff is a wellness leader who can provide you resources to assist you in different aspects of your life.

Est. 2021

Our small team of professionals invests time to maintain direct involvement with our patients. Each member of our staff handles specific roles that contribute to the success of our treatment. Our comprehensive care entitles you to therapy sessions and connections to community resources that can contribute to the efficacy of your life. Some of our community resources include nonprofit organizations that provide food, clothing, job fair connections, and much more. We also offer referrals to other local businesses to assist you and your family's needs.


As we are active on social media platforms, we are in contact with local businesses and events within the community. As a result, this allows us to be familiar with resources that might benefit you in a crisis and need support or seek to expand your knowledge of resources in the Las Vegas Valley. 

Meet The Team

Our Mission

The mission of Moderation of the Mind Counseling Services LLC is to provide efficient and effective behavioral health services for individuals, children, and families to support and inspire those we serve in advancing towards a sensible and satisfying life. ​

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